The Customs Broker Exam Prep Course

Your Key to Passing the U.S. Customs Broker Exam

Frequently Asked Questions about our Course

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions from students considering registration. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us so that we can help you personally.

How often is the Customs Broker exam given and how do I sign up?


The US Customs and Border Protection Service offers the exam twice a year.  The exam will be the fourth Wednesday in April and October. In order to take the exam you must submit an application online at least 30 days before the exam.  We will notify our students of the link to sign up.  CBP charges a $390.00 fee to take the exam. 

What is the exam like?


The exam normally consists of 80 multiple choice questions which must be answered within 4 or 4.5 hours.  The CBP Broker Exam has always been an open book exam and you can take any written materials you want to the exam.  That makes our book and reference materials the most valuable tool you can find to help you through the test.  The exam will be on a computer in an electronic format. (Even though the exam is electronic, CBP will not allow electronic CFR or HTS, so you will still need hard books at least through the October 2018 exam)

How is your Customs Broker Exam Prep Course structured?


The course is a series of lectures and chapters which cover the areas and issues that CBP traditionally tests. The basic study plan is ... Watch video lecture, read chapter, review regulations, e flash cards, complete past exam questions at online test center.  REPEAT with next chapter.  

When will CBP make the exam an electronic exam rather than paper?


DONE!  The exam is an electronic exam (as of October 2017) using a computer.  According to CBP, no electronic reference materials can be used at this time.  So, the test is electronic, but you will still need hard copy regs and HTS at least through the October 2018 exam.

What are the differences between the study options?


The only difference between our two study options is the live seminar.  each student receives the same materials and same access to all our online tools.  I am a big fan of the live seminar and you can upgrade at any time for the difference in price. 

What written materials are included with my purchase?


Each student will receive our 30 chapter Exam Guide and Study Manual.  And,  each student has access to our students help page with our video lecture library, online test center, E Flash Cards, class notes, announcements and updates.  

Our Exam Guide and Study Manual is a 30 chapter book.  The exam guide also inlcudes the CATAIR AND DIRECTIVES to be tested by CBP, sample forms and list of CBP forms, Vocabulary, Trade Program Comparison Chart, past exam statistical breakdown by CFR and chapter.  Not only do you have a lecture and chapter explaining the topic, we have organized over 1000 previous exam questions with explanatory notes that you can immediately access to understand how CBP tests a particular topic. This allows you to concentrate on one area without having to take the time to search through previous exams for the information. 

What other materials do I need for the course?


Each student is responsible for purchasing the Harmonized Tariff Schedule and the Customs Regulations (also known as Code of Federal Regulations 19 CFR parts 1-199). We sell everything you will need for the Customs Broker Exam at this website.  We have a great study version of the CBP Regulations, please check it out.  

How much does it cost and how do I register for your study packages?


The Internet learning package is $545. The Live seminar package is $750.00.   You can purchase and register online, simply click add to cart at the package you want.  You can use your credit card or debit card to pay.  If you want to use a company check just call me to do so.  (512-441-9757)  All materials will be shipped no later than the first business day after payment and registration receipt.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail at time of payment and we will follow up with student login information.

Can I contact the instructor?


OF COURSE! We urge you to contact Tom O'Leary by e-mail or phone anytime you have a question. If your question needs more attention than just an e-mail, we will address the issue by telephone. That is part of The Customs Broker Exam Prep Course's agreement with each student, and part of what makes this an outstanding program.

How long can I use the Students Help Page?


We keep each student in our system for two test cycles. So, for example if you sign up in July we give you the October and following April test dates for updates and study purposes. 

What guarantees can you give me?


The truth is - there is no guarantee because the test is difficult.  You will get the best materials and courseware available.  We constantly work to keep our materials updated to reflect the latest areas tested by CBP.  Please look at our student success comments.... they represent the best guarantee available.  

As always, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or by calling 512-441-9757 if you have any questions. We hope to hear from you soon.