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Customs Broker License Examination - Notice of Examination for October 6, 2014


Administrative Information
This notice announces that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will conduct the Customs Broker License Examination on Monday, October 6, 2014.  CBP allows individuals to register for the exam through an online automated CBP broker examination registration system (replacing Form 3124E, “Application for Customs Broker License Exam”), and mandates the registrant pay a $200 required examination fee at that time.

The examination application deadline is Thursday, September 4, 2014, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time.  All applications must be submitted online at the web address noted below.  Payment of the required $200 license examination fee must be made online via the examination application, and must be made by credit card, by debit card that can be used as a credit card, or by PayPal.

The registration web address is:






We have been working on statistics related to the HTS Classification questions for the past several exams. I have created a sheet with some good statistics showing where the HTS classification questions come from.



Click here for the HTS Classification Statistics analysis document.







The updates to our materials in response to the April exam are attached. Please download and print two sided, three hole punch, and replace the pages in your book. If you have received a book from us after May 10th. You do not need these updates.


Click here for the updates






Correction on Page 29 of the book. We sent notice with our Email HW, but in case you missed that. we have a correction to page 29 of the book. The answer to the exam question on page 29 is "D" not "C". If you want a clean page print out this correction, print double sided and replace the page.



Click here for corrected page 29








CBP listed the entire 19 CFR as test materials. Most of us only purchase the actual CBP regualtions which are in parts 1-199. The only area that CBP has tested beyond parts 199 is section 351. I have posted section 351 as a PDF. Please print this out for your materials. Do you need to purchase the entire second half of the CBP Regulations (19 CFR 200 to end)???  That is your decision, but I would not.  CBP has been fairly consistent with exam areas over the years and I see no need to panic for the next exam.  I guess it is possible that CBP could ask questions from other areas of the regulations (200 to 366).  However, to date CBP has never asked questions from other areas… yet.  Section 351 is the section which covers Antidumping and countervailing rules. (AD/CV). 


19 CFR 351 AD/CV







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