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Students from all over the United States rely on our course and prep materials to prepare for the Customs Broker Exam.  Here's what they've said:


Hey Tom,
Just wanted to say thanks again for partnering with _______ and that I got my license from Customs Tuesday. I really enjoyed taking your online class... Your study guide is easily the reason why I passed. (J.B. College Park Georgia 3/30/18)

Good Evening Sir,
I am glad to inform you that I have passed the exam. Thank you so much for everything! Your course was very helpful and informative. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you again. (Betty O. Laredo TX. 12/23/17)

Dear tom, Ive Passed!!! thank you so much!:)
(P.K. California 12.3.17)

I wanted to reach out to express my gratitude for having made this course and for having helped em out with test questions and advice over the phone.... (follow up two days later... I just got it on Friday, I got an 82.5) (R.C Laredo, Texas 11.27.17)

Good Morning. I just wanted to thank you for all your help on preparing for me for my exam. I am happy to inform you that I passed with a 78.75. Thanks again. (G.G. Del Rio 11.301.17)

Hi Tom, I just got the letter that I passed the exam ...... Thank you for the support and for pushing me!! Thank you. (H.H. New Hampshire 05.15.17)

Hi Tom, I received my official pass letter with the score - 88%. (Sharon B. Florida 5.16.17) Follow up email... Thank you - I have to say your course was extremely helpful.

Good afternoon Tom, ...I presented the exam... this April and passed. Thank you so much for all your help. All your materials, lectures and live seminar made this possible. Your prep course really prepared us and could not have made it without it. Thanks once again.
(Azeneth M. Laredo 5.17.17)

Good morning Tom - I just wanted to shoot you a quick note letting you know I passed the April Exam with a 87.5%! I can’t thank you enough for your study guide and help along the way. I’d be more than happy to provide a testimonial or anything else you need. (Neal T. South Carolina 5.17.17)

Hello Tom,
I passed the customs broker exam!!! Thank you so much.
- C.G. of Austin, Texas 11.25.16

Just to let you know that I passed! On the first try! Your program was definitely the most condensed and organized that I saw and was the key to passing! Thank you!!!
— Victor M. of California, May 25, 2016
I got my letter and I passed!!! Thanks for your course I could not have passed the test without it. Everything was very helpful and your live lectures are great.
— E.M. of Del Rio, August 16, 2016
Thanks again for all your help , especially with questions via e mail. Thank You.
— J.K. of California, September 1, 2016
I wanted to let you know that I received the letter this weekend and I passed the Exam! Thank you very much for everything. Your Guidance, knowledge and way of teaching is simply the best.
— Oscar G. of Laredo, May 16, 2016
Hi Tom, I passed the exam by appeal. I wanted to thank you for all your help and time.... Thank you for all your expertise and knowledge. I definitely could not have done it without you. (MMF Laredo and DF Mx. 3.9.18))

Hi Tom,
Wanted to thank you for the excellent structure that you have created. It allows us to prepare in a confident manner and pass the broker exam. 91.25 first try. (C.A. Laredo, Texas 12/19/17)

Hi tom, Just wanted to let you know I passed with a score of 80. Got the official letter today from CBP. Thank you for being a dedicated instructor and if you want a testimonial, I’ll be happy to provide one. (Andy. H. California 11.27.17)

Happy Holidays, I got the official letter today. I passed with a 78.75. Thank you very much for all your support. Appreciated. (Nick New York 11.27.17)

Hi Tom, I wanted to let you know that I have passed the CBP Broker Exam!!!!! I am very excited. Thanks, (Nicole W. Cincinnati 05.18.17)

Hi Tom!!! I DID IT!!! I am so happy to let you know that I have passed the exam. I was so nervous to open the envelope, jajaja!! I want to thank you again for all your help and, for the fantastic Study Guide and course you provided. Excellent!! Ecellent!! .... Thank you!
(Alicia R.R. Laredo 5.16.17)

I passed!!!!!! Yaaaaay, thank God. I got a 81.25, should’ve gotten an 82.5 but CBP messed up on Q#59. Tom, I could’ve not made it without your course. Thank you so much for everything.
(Isabel R. San Antonio 5.17.17)

Hello Tom, I wanted to let you know that I received the letter from Customs today and I passed the exam with 77.5%. Thank you so much! Your email homework and study guide book were keys to my passing! Thank you!!!
(Lily.S. Houston 5.17.17)

Official letter came in over the weekend. I passed with 77.5%! I really wanted to thank you again for your wonderful course. It is really your course that made it work. I expect your homework every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I just did what you instructed— read your best ever book, watch online video, read CFR chapter(s), do test questions and go to the seminars. Last December, I made my mind to take the test, and was very glad to find you on the internet. It is the best decision that I have ever made to join your program. I will recommend your course to everyone I know who wants to take the test.

I am so happy that I passed the exam with my first try!!
— Wendy W. of Austin, May 15, 2016
Good evening Tom, I want to thank you! I have passed the exam. Your course was very helpful; I don’t think I would have passed without it. Thanks again!
— Rosie T. of Houston, May 13, 2016

I got an email yesterday stating that I had won my appeal and passed the CBLE. Thank you so much for your help.

From the day I walked in your classroom I felt comfortable and at ease. I appreciate you and will definitely be throwing your name/class out there to anyone looking for a training class.
— S of Texas, April 10, 2015
I got my test results back from CBP and I Passed the exam. I want to Thank God and You for putting the time and dedication in keep your students well informed. I really like your method of teaching: Texbook, CD’s, video’s and additional information and emails during the course. You’re my HERO!!! I recommend you course to two team members for next exam.
— Emmanuel G. of Laredo, November 25, 2015
Thank you so much for the wonderful job you do with teaching the materials for the Broker License exam. Your materials are very thorough and helpful, and the prep course and homework assignments were very valuable in my preparation for the exam. I passed the exam.

I focused on completing your homework assignments, using your materials, and taking former exams for practice. This made all the difference in the world. Thank you so much for your dedication to creating and teaching the materials. We also had three others pass (besides myself).
— C.R. of Minneapolis, June 15, 2015
I just wanted to let you know that I received my test scores finally. I got an 88.7%! Thank you!
— A.B. of California, June 24, 2015
I just received my exam results in the mail from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement! Celebration tonight!!!!
— A.B. of Atlanta, June 8, 2015
I have great news!!! I PASSED!!! My first attempt I tried to do it on my own with no success. This time however I took your course and used your materials and it absolutely made all the difference! THANK YOU TOM!
— O.M. of California, December 1, 2015
Tom, I passed! Thank you so much for your course! Your study guide book was the key to passing! Super well organized.
— Yvonne H. of Laredo, November 27, 2016
Now that results are in, I wanted to thank you again for your amazing help with the preparation for the exam. I passed with an 86%! I look forward to leaving a testimonial on your website.
— Diego H. of Laredo, November 24, 2015
Thank you so much for your help Tom! I finally passed it with a 78.75 on this difficult exam under your guidance. If you need additional testimonial from me, I will write a detailed one after I stop shaking. Thanks a million again!!!!
— Jack W. of New York, November 23, 2015
Hi Tom, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful course. I just received my letter and I passed with an 83.75%!! I am so excited to expand my business. Thank you so much for everything!!
— C.B. of Arizona, June 8, 2015
Results are here already!! 83.75% in my 1st opportunity! As you can imagine I am super excited and happy right now, but conscious enough to be grateful with you for your great help. Your course taught me everything I needed, starting with 0 knowledge of U.S. Customs Regulations to passing the Broker License Exam. Obviously your face-to-face classes were the masterpiece that made the difference when it came to clarifying all of my possible doubts and misconceptions before the exam.

I highly do and will continue to recommend your courses to anyone planning on taking the Customs Broker Exam. One more time THANK YOU Tom!
— G.P. of Laredo, June 8, 2015

A.V. Seattle Wa.

.... wanted to let you know I passed the exam! Your material was extremely helpful….Thank you very much. Best Regards, (12/5/14)

S.R. Naperville Il.

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the October 2014 exam.  Your  video lectures and study materials were very helpful, especially all the on-line test questions. Thanks again for all your help.  Happy Holidays! (12/8/14)

C.N. of Monterey Park Ca.

Hello Tom, 
I want to Thank you for everything you did for us. I really appreciate it not only because I passed the exam but also because it brings us so much happiness to my family. ... Tom, Thank you once again and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. My Christmas came early this year :) (12/7/14)

J.G. of West Columbia South Carolina


Just wanted to thank you for the help you and your course gave me.  I’ve just received my results; I passed the October 2014 exam. Your materials were key to my passing.  Thanks again.  (11.28.14)

K.K. of Memphis Tn.

I got my letter today! I passed with 81.25% and could not have done it without your study guides and weekly homework!  (11.29.14)


J.B. of Evergreen Park Il.

I received the letter from CBP today and I'm happy to report that I passed the Broker exam with a score of 82.5 percent. (11/29/14) 

S.D.T. of Schaumburg IL.

I am thrilled to tell you I passed the exam!  Yesterday I received the official result letter from CBP; I got 90% of the questions right... and this was my first attempt! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I will recommend your training class to everyone interested. I must say that the on-line testing helped me tremendously!  (11.30.14)

P.N. of Lynnwood Washington

Yes, I got the letter on Saturday from DHS. I have passed. Thank you, Tom. (12.1.14)


S.M. of Nogales Arizona

.... I passed with a 77. Thank you for your support and assistance...., I could have not done it without your course. Thank you again. (12/1/14)

C.S. of DF Mexico

I passed the test..... I really appreciate all your help and support.  Great stuff.   (12.1.14)

N.V. of Laredo

Just to advise that I received the letter and I passed my exam! thank you for all your help! (12/1/14)

M.R. of Laredo

I passed!!! (12/1/14)

M.R. of Kyle Texas

Hi Tom,

I PASSED with an 81.25%!!! Thank you so much for all of your help! I couldn't have done it without your course! (12/1/14)

J.S. of Laredo


C.A. of Austin Texas

Hello Tom,

I received the letter today and I passed the exam!!! I want to thank you for all your support!  Your course, the materials and the videos were great and I wouldn´t have passed without them. (12/1/14)

R.P. of the valley area of Texas

Mr. O’Leary,
I want to thank you because without you I wouldn't be able to pass the examination. (12/2/14)

J.M.W. Mexico


Exam Passed!! (12/2/14)

J. De La Cruz Laredo Texas

I just wanted to inform you that thanks to your course ...... and the study guide you provided us I have just been informed I passed the October 2014 Customs Broker exam..... I will surely recommend you to anyone I know that is preparing for the next exam.   (12/2/14)

A.M. McAllen Texas


I passed the test with 81.25% . Thanks a lot for your help and assistance, last on-site training in Laredo was great and helped me the most to understand key points for the test. (12/3/14)

E.S. of Laredo

Just wanted to let you know, I passed the exam (in my first attempt). Thank you, (12/4/14)

M.T. of St Paul MN

Hi Tom, 
 " I got my results. Thanks again for the course materials. I scored an 80%, I passed. 

I absolutely would not have done that without your prep book, which I referenced in the exam as much as anything. I probably found 25 answers in the prep book itself. Maybe more. With only 3 weeks to study, and I came from zero exposure to this area, I was able to pass thanks to you. 

You're the man! Happy New Year!" (12/5/14)


D.B.H. of Laredo

Yes, Sir!! Official letter came in the mail last weekend.... PASSED! ..... And thanks to you, Sir! (5.19.14)

M.A. of Norfolk Va.

Tom, I passed. Thank you for your support. (05/16/14)

J.B. of Carrolton Texas

Just wanted to drop a note to share my official results. I passed with a score of 85%. After multiple tries on my own, your class gave me the tools and refreshed the knowledge I needed to successfully cross the finish line. Who says you can't teach an old time freight forwarder? This success was 13 years in the making... but it was you that helped with the recall, speed, and overall knowledge I needed. With a grateful heart for your wisdom and guidance, Jennifer. (05/12/14)

M.S. of Laredo Texas

Tom it is my pleasure to let you know that last week I just got my Custom Broker License, I can’t tell you with words how grateful I’m with you. (05/13/14)

J.P. of Fullerton California

Hello Tom,

I received the official letter.  I passed with a 78.75%! I'd like to thank you for providing a great course and also answering my many questions I emailed you about.  I am very glad that I chose your course and I am recommending you to everyone I talk to.  I tried different materials before but your course is broken down in a clear and decisive manner. 

With your course, I was so prepared for the test I actually finished the test in 2.5 hours and I was taking my time!  I literally sat there the last 20 minutes after I reviewed all my questions just waiting for the test to end.

Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH! (05/15/14)

J.H. of Houston Texas

Hello Tom, Thank You! I passed the April 2014 Customs Broker exam. (05/13/14)

Z.H. of Palo Alto Ca.

Tom, Hope you've been doing well. ..... Thanks for all of your help. You can rest assured that I will be recommending your class to any of my colleagues interested in taking the brokerage exam. Zeid (04/25/14)

N.A. of Minneapolis Minnesota

Hey Tom,

I just wanted to reach and say thank you. After a long journey, I passed the October 2013 broker exam. (April 15, 2014)

A.T. of Columbus Ohio

Hi Tom,
I just received an email today from CBP that they processed October, 2013 appeal and I have passed the broker examination. They will be mailing official letter next week. I want to thank you. My family wants to thank you. Your CBP preparation course is the best. And I'm telling this from experience. (April 4, 2014)

J.A. of California

Hi Tom, First of all, I would like to thank you that your course really helped me a lot to pass the 2013 OCT exam! (01/15/14)

A.M. of Chicago

Many thanks for all your help this past year in studying for the Customs Broker Exam. I passed with an 80%. (01/03/14)


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